Why does every SinJa fic have SinJu in it! And not just little bit, just giving idea that, yes they do it and all, but like in full SinJu shipping. I’m not hating SinJu pairing it’s just I don’t really want it in my SinJa ! Not THAT much. If it’s just idea then fine. I’m cool. But really. If I want SinJu I will read it no need to make me read it! 

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    Wow… Okay FIRST thing I did NOT write here for authors to stop writing multishiping fic. Because I like them. And I do...
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    we are sobbing and laughing and crying reading this because it’s literally the most perfect thing
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    Well Magi’s still a small fanbase so we only have like 5-10 good writers and therefore not very many good fanfictions....
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    Since I’m not able to confirm if there really isn’t fanfiction out there that deals with only one of the couples instead...
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    Ebrio y los otros dos con la cara de “Oh. Mierda” porque Bossy!Ja’far es bossy.
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    Ja’far on top pls De preferencia ebrio =D
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    Just what sinbad-no-ousama said. It is annoying for both sides, Sinju and Sinja shippers. I hope some writers decide to...
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    THIS^ (what sinbad-no-ousama wrote)
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    Then you know how I feel when every Sinju fic (Which amounts to about 6) has Sinja in it.
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    TOTALLY AGREE BUT IN MY CASE, I HATE SINJU REALLY HATE IT. For me, what I see in their relationship is SEX SEX SEX AND...